Volunteer Here!

We’ll need volunteers! Let’s make sure the next NACSW trial in Phoenix is a success!!

Here’s why you’ll want to volunteer:

  1. It is the best FREE learning opportunity you’ll get to improve your skills. Watch other dogs and handlers–learn from them.
  2. You’ll make new friends.
  3. You’ll get a free lunch.
  4. You can get a double draw on a future trial when you accumulate 7 full days of volunteering within a 12-month period. That means your chances double for getting in the trial.
  5. We simply can’t do it without you. To ensure future trials, please volunteer.

We will do our best to place you in jobs that you have requested; however, it can’t be guaranteed. You will receive more information approximately one week from the trial date.

We look forward to seeing you at the trial. Please send any questions to foxfiredogs@gmail.com

Please specify days and times that you are able to volunteer. These times are estimated. You will be given exact times approximately two weeks from the trial dates.

Can you lend us tents and/or canopies for staging areas? Sides are appreciated.

Do you have a vehicle we can borrow? Please note: vehicles used in a trial can not have odor in or on them within the 30 days prior to the trial date. Also, there is a chance that the dogs may jump on or paw at the vehicles. Please do not offer your vehicle if this is a concern. Must arrive at 7:00AM with your vehicle.

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